Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shania prepares for 8th grade promotion

Big excitement for Shania who is nearing the end of
eighth grade and looking forward to high school.

She also has a new horse "Cricket" who she loves
and is learning how to shoe a horse from her dad.

Mom & Dad celebrate 21st Anniversay in Hawaii

It was the quickest and most fun trip we have
ever taken and we would love to go back with
our family some time. It was truly a highlight
in our lives to experience such a beautiful
culture and history of the Polynesian islands.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving means it is time for the Turkey Trot

Cameron defends his 2 year running title as the winner
of the "Turkey Trot" and fastest boy in school.
View photos for this years results.

Cameron's preliminary race

Cameron takes 1st place

All first place class winners race against each other

for the turkey trot title. It's a close race in the final round!

Photo finish decides Cameron takes 2nd place!


Cameron say's "I'll be back"!

Shania's updates

Latest and greatest news at Paseo Hills is . . .
Shania is shooting hoop for the girls basketball
team. Go Rattlers! (pictures will follow).